Our Story

Outside The Walls began as a music ministry with a heart to reach people outside the walls of the church.  Outside The Walls debuted their music for the first time at a Newton coffee house and then expanded to music on the sidewalk, and other various venues. In 2016 Outside The Walls launched a deeper discipleship group for people who did not feel comfortable attending a church.  It was from there that Outside The Walls made the decision to launch a church in Newton Kansas. In March of 2017 Outside The Walls had their first Sunday night service. You can connect with their music at various venues by checking out the events on the Outside The Walls Facebook page or join Outside The Walls on Sunday nights at 6pm at 225 W. 7th St. in Newton.

Our Vision

Building a Kingdom Community where the Poor, Captive, Broken, & Oppressed find a Future and a Hope in Jesus Christ our Victor

Our mission


Outside The Walls is focused on creating an atmosphere of worship wherever we go. It is in worship that we come boldly before the throne room of God, knowing Him and being known by Him, and letting that encounter bubble up in us so that we are making Him known wherever we go!

our core values

Outside The Walls is building Kingdom Community through the following Core Values:

This is happening Now!

We aren't waiting for circumstances to line up, or life after death, to become more educated, less awkward, or our performance to improve. We are building a Kingdom Community NOW.  Atmosphere Changers Wherever We Go!

Jesus changes the atmosphere of our lives and when His Spirit resides in us, through Him we have the power to change the atmosphere of our communities.  We bless wherever we go, always witnessing - making Christ and His Kingdom tangible to the world around us!

Reminding Others of Their Identity In Christ!

In a Kingdom community we should be the standard for how to love well. Jesus said they will know you are My disciples by the way you love one another (Jn. 13:35).  A Kingdom Community is a culture of honor. We honor one another by looking for and reminding each other of our identity in Jesus Christ. Or as we like to say "Who you are and Whose you are".

A Safe Place To Fail!

A safe place to fail is not a lack of accountability, it's working through the hard places of sin and baggage with grace. Not just grace, but grace through a firehose.

No Barriers Between Me, We, and Thee  

We are getting to the root, instead of working on the fruit; meaning we aren't addressing the behavior, but the the heart. We work on heart issues by asking the Holy Spirit to search our hearts (Ps. 139:23-24).  So we are getting rid of barriers, the barriers of past experiences, bitterness, unforgiveness, falsehoods, and unbelief.  We are getting Outside The Walls

OUR Pastors

Tim and Hope Flask have been married since 2002 and have four children altogether. They co-pastor the church and ministries together with a heart for the poor, broken, and oppressed. Both  have experienced being thrown away and thought they were forever lost until Jesus came and turned what the world called trash into a treasure. They now want to share this life-giving hope with all those who feel "Outside The Walls".