Music & Preaching

You can find OTWm on a sidewalk, in a park, or even in a coffee shop playing both Christian and secular music. Or perhaps you might encounter these worship warriors at an OTWm Worship Experience for the community.  Regardless of venue, OTW will bring a submitted heart to the Lord and a willingness to both serve and bring the best to the least.

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  • Worship Experiences: Through the power of the Holy Spirit OTW create oasis’s in the Christian journey through Worship Experiences. These experiences are designed to refresh, heal, and challenge the body of Christ.
  • Fundraising and Outreach: OTW is able to provide both family friendly secular music as well as Christian music for your next outreach or fundraising event.  OTW has their own sound system, as well as set up and tear down, to make this experience a little easier for you and your church or oganization. 
  • Leading Worship: The OTW band is available to lead worship at your church and is versitle enough to accommodate most worship styles.
  • Teaching & Preaching Reverend Hope Flask is available for Sunday morning and retreat speaking engagements. 

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